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Hi we bought your Atlas and used it on a weeks Overlanding trip round a portion of SA and thought it was fantastic, but there are some VERY IMPORTANT things you need to sort out:
>The quality of paper used is just not strong enough. The pages were ripping at the binder after careful use over 1 week, which means the Atlas will just not last, even if well looked after.
>The front and back pages need to be laminated to give the Atlas increased strength.
>You should look at incorporating a 'sleeve' into the back of the cover, which will hold the Atlas in place inside the cover when you use it.
>You need to look at your distances and durations for Mountain passes. I can't quite remember the exact figures but as an example there's no way you can do Lundean's Nek Pass in the time specified. This applies to all the Passes that we did. I'm not sure if this is a computer generated figure, but its not accurate.
Apart for these things, which can be easily rectified you have a Great Product here.

Tom Donaldson

It’s deeply ironic that in a world of ever-smarter navigation technology, the most useful travel companion I’ve come across is the latest printed Traveller’s Atlas Southern Africa from Tracks4Africa. I love that the atlas includes markers for mountain passes, information on border crossings, national parks, fuel stops, accommodation and other facilities. The large scale is perfect (most of the pages are at a scale of 1:500 000) and large enough to give me a microscopic view of almost every route, from major highways to minor gravel roads and proper off-road routes. Its most useful feature is the distances and travel times indicated for most roads more than 10 kilometres long. I found the distances and times indicated for most places were spot on which has made the atlas invaluable in my Getaway trip planning, where the relationship between distance and time on off-road routes is far from constant. I take it wherever I go.

- Tyson Jopson, Getaway magazine Deputy Editor

Tyson Jopson

Thank you!! This atlas is ridiculously expensive - and worth twice the price! After years of wrestling with so-called, un-updated African road maps, this Tracks4Africa Atlas is a godsend. Brilliantly detailed, informative and includes great detail on border crossings and the peculiarities of each country's driving regulations. A "work of art"... Thanks again!

Eric Thomson
Villiersdorp, South Africa

Eric Thomson